Saturday, May 30, 2009

Excuses be gone

I just was laying on the couch after spending a delightful morning with my son shopping. He is getting ready this week to attend Boy's State, the outstanding program that the American Legion sponsors every year.
It was enjoyable, helping him pick out a sports coat and some pants and shirts. The event is in Flagstaff Arizona, on the Northern Arizona University Campus. It brought back so many memories of my time on the campus in the summers either at basketball camp or music camp.
there is so much exciting and there is such a dynamic environment when young minds are together learning and developing their talents.
As I laid here on the couch, I turned on PBS and Wayne Dyer was featured on a fund raising time and promoting his new material "Excuses be Gone!"
I am sure he is very wealthy and it is impressive to me that he seems to always have a sense of giving. The cynic would say, "yeah, he makes lots of money, etc...", but I get the feeling he sincerely wants to help people.
I have heard his message over the years many times and do feel his principle message of "you become what you think" has positively affected my life.
For some reason, with the blunt title: Excuses be Gone, this particular time, it hit me more strongly than the usual response I had, "that is nice stuff, but some of this new age stuff is so idealistic and as good as it feels, it isn't practical....or whatever excuse I was making for not paying attention.
His fundamental principle and "affirmation" of this recent "paradigm" or concept (nothing is ever new, really, is it) is:
1. I will complain to no one.
2. I will make no excuses or explanations
3. only between me and my God (or higher power) will I discuss the explanations and excuses.

what a brilliant and valuable approach to life!

One of the products he just released is a book for kids called, "No Excuses"

Dr Dyer has many education related programs and we should look to adapt some of the universal truths he points out in our education and lives.

So, I commit to:
1. complain to no one.
2. make no excuses or explanations to anyone
3. work out the details that would have been explanations and excuses with God and Jesus Christ
4. and Live!

regards to all

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